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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


First Home Game

The Nationals first home game, ever, was an exciting experience. US President Bush showed up to throw out the first pitch. A local music "legend" sang the traditional seventh inning "Take me out to the Ball game" song, and then one of his own. Celebrities galore strolled along in front of me, one sports caster ended up sitting on the ledge in front of me, and a political celebrity walked by and said something like "good game" around the 8th inning.

Since I arrived around 4 or 3 hours early, none of the problems that I've heard about due to delays caused by security hindered me. I arrived at the gate I've since used most occasions to enter the stadium, walked up, through the metal detector and then into the stadium. No one in front of me, and no one behind me.

It was great that the Nationals exist, and won their first game. It is even better that the stadium spectator attitude has changed. That first game, a large number of people seemed to want to walk around being seen, instead of watching the game (which, due to my seating, caused them to walk in front of me, blocking my view of the field; the seating is a lot closer than I expected, and lower).

Well, that's what I might have written if I had thought about starting a blog back on April 14th (and if I had written it then, I'd have more actual baseball in the entry).

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