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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Roster Updated, again - Tony Armas signs

Nationals have released a press release noting that they have signed Tony Armas Jr. to a one-year contract. Now the Nationals have six starting pitchers, and based on what happened last year, will need at least six starting pitchers. As of today, Armas is 27. He went 7-7 with an era of 4.97 last year, though he apparently has appeared in the same number of seasons as 32-year-old Ortiz. For his career: "The 27 year-old is 39-48 with a 4.32 ERA in 121 starts spanning seven seasons with Washington/Montreal."

Nothing more to report.


Roster Updated: Add Ramon Ortiz and his career 68-60, 4.72 ERA record

Nationals no longer have their mascot penciled in as their fifth starter now that they have signed RHP Ramon Ortiz. As the Nationals press release put it: "the Nationals now have four starters who have won 14 or more games in a single season since 2003." Ortiz will be turning 33 this season (May 23rd; if my math is correct). He has started 167 games in his 7 year career, putting up a record of 68-60 (record includes his 20 non-starts) with an ERA of 4.72. Last season he went 9-11 for the Reds, with an ERA of 5.36. He apparently gives up 3.2 walks per 9 innings, and strikes out about 5.8 in the same stretch. SI.com's article ("His best season was 2002, when he helped the Anaheim Angels win the World Series, going 15-9 with a 3.77 ERA. He went 6-0 over his final nine starts that season."), ESPN.com article (same AP story as on SI.com), and the Toronto Sun article (yet another site using that AP story).

Also, LHP Mike Stanton rejoins the team in the bullpen (as noted by Bill Ladson; I'm so excited I forgot to read his article, just linked to it).

By the way, what happened to Alberto Castillo and Michael DiFelice? I have them "penciled" in as the current potential back-up catchers, but now there's just Schneider on the depth chart and roster (they were there last time I checked, before Christmas).

Friday, December 23, 2005


Nationals Roster (Wood for Church? - no)

Here's a good article by CBS Sportsline on the Nationals off-season activity, especially for people like me that have not been paying attention (in my case it is a trick to try to avoid all this ballpark news and the possibility that next year will be the Nationals final year).

Let's see, as of today, this is the Roster:
C: Brian Schneider, Alberto Castillo, Michael DiFelice
1B: Nick Johnson, Robert Fick (Larry Broadway - 40 man roster - in minors)
2B: Jose Vidro, Marlon Anderson , Alfonso Soriano, Damian Jackson (Bernie Castro)
SS: Cristian Guzman
3B: Ryan Zimmerman (Kory Casto?; Brendan Harris)
Utility: Jamey Carroll
OF: (There must be something wrong with the OF positions on the Nationals website)
LF: Tony Blanco
CF: Marlon Byrd (Frank Diaz), Brandon Watson
RF: Jose Guillen, Ryan Church, Tyrell Godwin
(Soriano - not budging and not want to change positions)

1. Hernandez
2. Patterson
3. Lawrence (got in trade of Vinny Castillo)
4. Drese
5. Nobody or Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Gone: Vinny Castilla (Trade), Brad Wilkerson (Trade), Junior Spivey (non-tendered), Termel Sludge (trade), Kenny Kelly (Released), John Halama (released), Hector Carrasco (free agent, signed elsewhere), Esteban Loaiza (free agent, signed elsewhere), Gary Bennett (free agent, signed elsewhere), Devi Cruz (free agent, signed elsewhere), Keith Osik (retired), Preston Wilson (free agent, highly unlikely he'll be back), Carlos Baerga (free agent) Tony Armas Jr? (rejected arbitration)
Ryan Church and Jose Vidro to Cubs for Kerry Wood?
Great addition to pitching staff, remove one player from crowd at 2B, but who'll play outfield?

Also, this apparently a rumor of no substance, according to the Nats bloggers ("The Vidro to the Cubs for Kerry Wood rumor has a life of its own." - Capitol Punishment's Chris Needham) and Bill Ladson (for MLB.com & Nationals): "According to a baseball source, there is no truth to the story in the Washington Examiner that the Nationals are talking to the Cubs about a trade that would bring Kerry Wood to the Nationals in exchange for second baseman Jose Vidro and outfielder Ryan Church."
Game by game review of first season by Washington Post.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Team will never be sold, according to giant floating head

Well, this is certainly fun. All this time, money and effort to pay attention to the Washington Nationals, waiting each and every day of the 2005 season for the announcement that the team has owners, but . . .

With the team out of the play-offs and without an owner I decided to go on break. I'm still waiting to start again.

Can't sell the team until the new baseball stadium has a finalized lease (which will be something of a trigger for the DC Council to release/issue construction bonds; Washington Post article).

Anyone think this team will ever have an owner? Why is the DC Council still holding things up? Every time I think that a major threshold has been passed and I can breath easier and await an owner for the team, some more news crops up about problems with the DC Council and the new proposed stadium.

Meanwhile the team is being ripped apart and put-back-together again by Bowden and Robinson. Robinson likes Jamey Carroll so underdog Rick Short is off to Japan. Bowden wants some pop for the line-up, so he gets yet another second baseman. Pitchers continue to leave.

Also meanwhile, while all this uncertainty endangers my health, the Nationals send me a season ticket renew invoice due, more or less immediately (December 6th, I believe). So, I renewed my tickets. No clue if the team will actually exist past next season or will ever have an owner other than the other MLB teams, and off goes my money for tickets (weeks ago).

Right. Probably not be back for another couple of months, unless things pick-up.

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