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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Roster Updated: Add Ramon Ortiz and his career 68-60, 4.72 ERA record

Nationals no longer have their mascot penciled in as their fifth starter now that they have signed RHP Ramon Ortiz. As the Nationals press release put it: "the Nationals now have four starters who have won 14 or more games in a single season since 2003." Ortiz will be turning 33 this season (May 23rd; if my math is correct). He has started 167 games in his 7 year career, putting up a record of 68-60 (record includes his 20 non-starts) with an ERA of 4.72. Last season he went 9-11 for the Reds, with an ERA of 5.36. He apparently gives up 3.2 walks per 9 innings, and strikes out about 5.8 in the same stretch. SI.com's article ("His best season was 2002, when he helped the Anaheim Angels win the World Series, going 15-9 with a 3.77 ERA. He went 6-0 over his final nine starts that season."), ESPN.com article (same AP story as on SI.com), and the Toronto Sun article (yet another site using that AP story).

Also, LHP Mike Stanton rejoins the team in the bullpen (as noted by Bill Ladson; I'm so excited I forgot to read his article, just linked to it).

By the way, what happened to Alberto Castillo and Michael DiFelice? I have them "penciled" in as the current potential back-up catchers, but now there's just Schneider on the depth chart and roster (they were there last time I checked, before Christmas).

It's been ages since i posted here. Been sick, busy etc. There are not many games left this season. It has had it's up's and down's. Meet some new Reds i adore. Meet David Ross again. Knew of him when was a Dodger. Missed Sean Casey a lot. Reds then got rid of Austin Kerns. Seen the Reds 9 times this year at Busch Stadium. Saw the Phillies 3 times. Seen The Astros 3 times. Gonna see the Astros for my 4th time September 13th. Gonna go to games in 2 weeks to see Brian Giles.No idea who will make the playoffs.First Choice Reds. Second Choice Phillies. 3RD Astros. 4TH Choice Padres. Padres just because of Brian Giles, Geoff Blum and Trevor Hoffmann. I hope to at least attend one playoff game. But if the Cards don't make it won't go to any. Because i can't afford to travel. But if i had to choose. I'd rather the Reds win the Central and just have to watch them on tv.Seeing them on tv would be better than them not making the playoffs at all.
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