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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Home Game # 10 underway!

And I'm stuck at work. Oh, and the Nationals are not losing yet after the top of the first. It is now the middle of the first, according to the ESPN GameCast. Still the middle of the first. I think something might be wrong with my computer, how can it still be the middle of the first? This is the first time I've used GameCast with a high speed computer. Very informative, and great list of information. Start of Nationals batting half of the inning! Oh, and I just noticed that they decided to place Church back in the number 2 hole. Knew he had to play because of Johnson's injury, but didn't expect to see him up there again.

Wilkinson Walked! Wilkinson Walked! Ok, I'm going a little overboard here. I need to leave in about 17 minutes, so I need to get as much baseball as possible from the computer before I leave as I will probably miss the rest of the game trying to commute home. And 2 balls to Church, oops, right after I wrote that, strike one from foul (my mistake, I was reading the list wrong, the first pitch was a strike, not the third; though I don't recall that red glowing strike circle while the two green circles were glowing).

Ok, that's confusing. I wonder what happened. I read:
"R Church Walked.
B Wilkerson picked off first."
I wonder how Wilkerson could get himself picked off, especially with Church not creating an out.

And Vidro is struck out swinging, though Church's name is now on third. Apparently he went over on a throwing error. This is a lot more confusing trying to figure out what is going on than being at the game. Good thing I'll be at the game Friday.

Once again, the risk of improving his RISP (runners in scoring position) stat caused Guillen to get an out instead of an RBI. End of first inning. At this rate, I might "see" maybe part of the top of the second inning before I have to go.

That's strange, the picture for Loaiza shows him wearing a White Sox hat. Are the White Sox playing the Phillies or are the Phillies playing Washington? Oh, that's an interesting stat that I can't see at the game. Below the pitcher's picture is the pitcher vs. batter stats. Oh, and Thome grounded out. Ok, I was wrong, the Utley just filed out, so maybe I will be able to "see" the bottom of the 2nd inning. Darn. Michaels singled to right field. 2 balls 2 strikes to Palanco, and I have four minutes before I have to leave. I won't be able to "see" the bottom half of the inning after all. Oh good, Palanco struck out looking. Now if they could quickly switch to the bottom half of the inning before two minutes are up.

Start of Inning! Oh good, I'll get to "see" the start of the bottom half of the second inning before I have to leave. That "Start of Inning" thing ESPN uses to mark the start of the bottom half of the inning is a little confusing. Ok, they said start of the inning, but nothing happened, and now I have to leave.

Go Nationals!

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