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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Home Game # 10 Updated

Well, I was somewhat joking when I stated earlier that I would probably miss the rest of the game after I left to commute home. I checked the television when I got home, but could not find the game, and I checked the radio. The radio kind of worked in the car, but the station was not hearable in the house. In the end, the only reason that I found out what happened in last nights game is because the person that used my season ticket happens to live in the same house as me (the Nationals lost a close game; though I did not find out about the Nationals wearing the practice jerseys until I looked at a recap of the game at the Nationals website; ESPN's recap (though ESPN did not call the uniforms practice jerseys)).

I somewhat understand the problem with the TV coverage, but what is the problem with the radio coverage? Why is the radio station for the Orioles games a lot easier to hear in more places than the radio station for the Nationals games (other than the obvious point that the O's have been around longer and had the chance to pick a strong enough radio station)? I can barely hear the AM station on the car radio, and can not hear it in the house, except in one room. The FM station seems to only rarely broadcast the game, so that particular option does not always work.

Well, let's see what the recap notes. Loaiza matched his strike-out career high (striking out eleven). Robinson let Loaiza enter the ninth after throwing 105 pitches, but Loaiza could not get an out. Interesting note, according to Castilla, the batters did as badly as they did (or at least he did) because it was very hard to read the ball as it came towards the plate because of the shadows at the plate due to the 4:35 start time.

Well, the Nationals are back to .500, and are 11-11; oh and the GM's contract was extended until the end of the season; and the Nationals are ranked 15th on the ESPN MLB Power Rankings; and that Boswell column that I received in an e-mail still is not up on the Washingtonpost.com website (strange, it appears Boswell wrote two completely different Nationals columns for April 27th); Armas' rehap continues in the minors, as he pitches his worst game of the year.

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