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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


How is it Going in the Minors?, or Are there some replacements for the bench, Church and Guzman? Part I

AAA: New Orleans Zephyrs:
Official website: http://www.zephyrsbaseball.com/

Current Stats for all AAA minors (the individual method did not work))

On 40 man Nationals Roster:
1B Larry Broadway (Career Stats)
3B Brendan Harris (Career Stats)
OF/CF Endy Chavez (Career Stats)
Chavez needed to raise his OBP by 4 percent, from .318 (according to Boswell). In AAA, Chavez's current OBP is .380, with an AVG of .302, though only 4 SB. Maybe it is time to season Church some more in AAA, and promote Chavez.

RHP Travis Hughes (Career Stats)
RHP Josh Karp (Career Stats)

Not on 40 man Nationals Roster:
C Hector Ortiz (Career Stats)
C John Wilson (Career Stats)
SS Jason Bowers (Career Stats)
SS Wes Carroll (Career Stats)
DH?/2B/3B Dan DeMent (Career Stats)
Multipostion Rick Short (Career Stats)
OF Matt Cepicky (Career Stats)
OF Tyrell Godwin (Career Stats)
OF Jeffrey Hammonds (Career Stats)

RHP Roy Corcorn (Career Stats)
RHP Chad Durbin (Career Stats)
RHP Sun-Woo Kim (Career Stats)
RHP Brian Powell (Career Stats)
RHP Dan Smith (Career Stats)
LHP Matt White (Career Stats)
LHP Ed Yarnall (Career Stats)

Major Leaguers, In minors:
RHP SP Tony Armas (Career Stats)
RHP Antonio Osuna (Career Stats)
RHP Claudio Vargas (Career Stats)

How did those call-ups handle the minors?
RHP Jon Rauch (Career Stats; Minor League Stats; Major League Stats)
Well that didn't work. They seem to have removed Rauch's minor league stats.

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