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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Chavez's Time In Bigs Cut Short; ESPN Still lists Wrong Nationals Starter

Well, it appears that I forgot to mention that the activation of starter Vargas caused the demotion of Chavez. Well, noticed my error as I was wondering around the internet (Washingtonpost.com story), though ESPN hasn't mentioned the transaction yet (well they hadn't, went to get the link and saw that they had included the transaction).

Tonight's Game:
ESPN has now posted their preview and stat pack, both of which still list Ohka as the starter (instead of Vargas).

Other News:
New Boswell column in the e-mail box, but not on the website. "Road Success May Set Stage for More Surprises." All about the Nationals and how they really hated road trips last year, and played like it, but this year have been playing great on the road.

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