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Thursday, July 14, 2005


Game in Progress . . .

First Game of the second half: Washington (52-36) vs. Mil Brewers (42-46): A Running Log of the Game:

Nationals are currently up 1-0 in the bottom of the 2nd inning. With one out, though, the Brewers have 1 runner on third. Apparently, going by the GameDay thing on Nationals.com, the Nationals run came off of a home-run by Preston Wilson. First at-bat as a National, and the player brought in to add offense, hits a home-run.

Wait, forgot, a game in progress, Hall apparently has scored, and the Brewers now have a run with 2-out in the bottom of the 2nd inning. Ok, now GameDay tells me that Damien Miller hit a sac fly and Hall ran home.

Line-up Today:
Wilkerson - 1B .270
Byrd - LF .255
Vidro - 2B .286
Guillen - RF .309
Wilson - CF .261
Castilla - 3B .253
Schneidar - C .262
Guzman - SS .200
Paterson - P .043

Patterson leads off the top of the 3rd and strikes out swinging. 1 out and now the top of the order. Wilkerson - 1 Ball. 2 Balls, 3 balls, 4 balls. This is a rather neat system, in the middle of the screen is a picture of the batter, and each pitch shows up on the screen next to the batter (showing a low ball, or a high strike . . . ). The top Left side shows the diamond, and it is very informative, there's a little red ball sitting outside the fences, showing where Wilson's ball went, if you move over each name it will show you information (like: Wilkerson: Walk, 4 SB, 7 CS). Bottom Left shows three tabs: Scoring Plays, Pitch-by-Pitch, and Play-by-Play. The right hand side has 2 versions of the box score. Oops, a game is in progress: Byrd singles and Wilkerson moves to 3rd. Vidro is up for the 2nd time today, with 1 out and 2 on. Well, now we have a full-count for Vidro. And off goes Byrd! Byrd steals 2nd with the count 3-2! Washington scores another run! Wilkerson scores as Vidro grounds out, and Byrd moves to third base. Top half of the inning is over, as Guillen strikes-out swinging. Ok . . . can't continue watching . . . At the moment the score is 2-1, Washington leading the Brewers in the bottom half of the 3rd inning. Bottom half of the 3rd, Patterson will enter after having thrown 37 pitches, 25 strikes and 13 balls.

Well, now, I was attempting to leave, but as I started to do so, Clark singles (top of the order). Clark does not have any attempted steals so far this year (apparently). And a quick change, there's now 2 outs after Weeks hit into a double-play. And then Overbay doubles off of a line drive to center. Carlos Lee is up. Counts full, 2 outs . . . man on 2nd . . . Strike-out! Patterson now has 4 strike-outs. Inning Over. Well, I've accidently killed the system, so I really must leave now . . .

Oops, it came back. Who was up first? What happened? Well, in his second AB as a National, Wilson received 4 straight balls and is now on first. Well, that's confusing, I was looking at the wrong section of the board :). He received 5 pitches, 2 were strikes (and he swung at another one, that was a ball) and well the information disappeared . . . And now I can't figure out what is happening. Apparently Wilson is out, but I can't tell how. Well, I restarted the system, and found out that Wilson grounded out . . . Castilla up, Castilla on first (system won't tell me why; I believe that he hit a single, ok, now I see, he hit a single to center field). Schneider is up. 3 foul, 1 ball. We pause now for 2 minutes as the game freezes (the game on the little box, not the literal game in Wisconsin). Schneider singles, Castilla to 2nd, high-priced Guzman up. 1 ball 1 strike, 3rd pitch - in play, out(s) recorded? What? Ah, half of an inning over, Guzman grounded into a double play.

Well, I really must leave now . . . hope the Nationals win . . .

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