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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Nationals win 4-2, Losing streak ends at 3

27 year old Tony Armas, jr. pitched seven solid innings, giving up just 2 runs (2-run home-run in the 6th inning), only 3 walks and struck out 5 batters off of 111 pitches (71 strikes), lowered his era to 4.73 and won his 5th game and is now 5-4 (as the radio just noted, Armas is 4-0 at home and has an era of 2.87 at home before tonight). Joey Eischen relieved Armas and gave up 1 hit, and then was relieved by Majewski, who pitched 1 solid inning striking out 1. Chad "Chief" Cordero came in for the ninth and recorded his 34 save (leads majors). As always, he made it interesting by giving up two hits, but also struck out 2 and didn't let a runner score.


Highlights from the Game:
First inning: Baerga doubled and 3 runs scored (Wilkerson, Gullien, and Wilson).
First Inning: Schneider singles and Baerga scores.
Sixth Inning: Berkman hits 2-run home-run.

Player of the Game:
For his tireless work and double that scored three runs, I'll call Baerga my player of the game.

First Place:
For the moment the Nationals are now solely in first place, 1/2 game over the Braves. The Braves game is currently on-going in Arizona. After 2 innings, the game remains tied at 0-0.

Next Game:
Sunday: Patterson (4-2, 2.69 ERA) vs. Rodriquez (5-4, 6.79 era). Last game of the 4 game series. ESPN stat pack.

Old Nationals players helping their old team:
As an Nationals article notes: the Nationals remained in first after losing last night because ex-Nationals Claudio Vargas pitched the Arizona team over the Braves team last night.

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