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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


New Line-up = Win in the Second Game of the Home Stand in RFK Otherwise Known as "Swamp"

After losing their starting pitcher early in the first game of the series (due to the weather conditions - as the ESPN.com's recap notes: "With the temperature 87 at the start, Nationals right-hander Tony Armas Jr. left because of dizziness and dehydration after throwing 31 pitches"; the Nationals lost a very close game 5-4, read about it in the ESPN.com's recap), the Nationals found themselves a starter that thrived in the extremely hot and humid conditions (both games had a temperature of 87, though Monday's game seemed to be slightly more unbearable). John Patterson pitched 8 very solid shut-out innings, and faced 1 batter in the ninth. Mike Stanton replaced Patterson for one batter in the ninth (who also got on base off of just one Stanton pitch) and then Cordero saved his 33rd game by getting three quick outs. Also in the game was former Nationals pitcher Zach Day, who faced four batters in the 8th, recorded no outs, and gave up 2 runs off of three hits and 1 walk.

After hitting 1.000 on Monday, Catcher Brian Schneider hit .500 on Tuesday, raising his 2005 average to .283. Schneider ended up with 1 hit and 1 RBI, and zero walks. He played the full game. So, how did he end up hitting .500? The Rockies starting pitcher hit Schneider in two consecutive at-bats (once around the hands area and once in the feet area: at least that is the way it looked from the stands).

New Line-up (maybe just for this game):
1. Carroll SS (later 3B) .251 -> went 2 for 4 with 1 RBI
2. Vidro 2B .280 -> went 0 for 3 with 1 walk
3. Wilkerson 1B .264 -> went 2 for 3 with 1 walk (best I've seen him play, in person)
4. Guillen RF .305 -> went 2 for 4
5. Schneider C .283 -> went 1 for 2 with 2 HBP and 1 RBI
6. Wilson CF .265 -> went 1 for 3 with 1 walk and 1 RBI
7. Church LF .311 -> went 1 for 4 with 1 RBI
8. Baerga 3B .271 -> went 1 for 3
9. Patterson P .037 -> went 0 for 2

Patterson won his fourth game of the year after pitching a 3 hit shut-out over 8+ innings (1 batter in the 9th), giving up just 2 walks and striking-out 8. His record is now 4-2 and his era is now 2.69.

ESPN box score of the Tuesday game. Nationals.com recap of the Tuesday game.

Tonight: Hernandez (12-3, 3.41) vs. Jennings (5-9, 5.08). Nationals.com's preview; ESPN.com's stat pack.

One note from the Monday game: Eischen recovered, somewhat, from his stint on the DL, but mostly I wanted to note that he is still hitting 1.000 after hitting a sacrifice in his one time at the plate.

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