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Friday, August 05, 2005


For The First Time: I've included a link to a non-Nationals Blog

I've added a link to Baltimore Orioles Soundoff. This O's blog started on August 1st, 2005 and the first blog entry was titled: "Rafael Palmeiro's Steroid Suspension: The Jeffrey Maier Curse Continues..."(well, there was an introductory section, so technically, that isn't the actual first post title). Jeff Lippman, the man behind the blog, has been very active in his first week. As some may have noticed, or if not just look in the archives, I started near the end of April (though I do have an opening day entry, and at least one more entry on another blog before I started this blog). Well, I ended up taking most of June off, but I've come roaring back. There's a certain wall that hits you when you write blogs. Hopefully Jeff Lippman will not have too much trouble getting past his own, when and if it comes (oddly enough some seem to continue non-stop without any slowdown).

Oh, and Mr. Lippman, if you're reading this, if you do end up taking one or two days or a week off, don't let that gap in blog entries stop you from coming back. Good luck! Oh, and I've been looking for, or hoping for an O's vs. Nationals World Series (highly unlikely as that may be), so I hope your team has better luck getting back into the playoff race than its current skid (or the Nationals current skid).

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