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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Guzman hitting for immortality

There is a short article in the USA Today sports section about Guzman. "Nats' Guzman facing battle against futility" by Scott Boeck. Boeck includes a chart of "lowest batting average in a season since 1969, based on 3.1 plate appearances for each game a player's team has played."

Did you know:
Lowest batting average on that chart - record achieved by Rob Deer who had just 80 hits in 448 AB's with the Tigers (.179 BA) in 1991. If the season ended today, Guzman's .188 average would place him second on the all-time back to 1969 list. Ivan Dejesus had just 78 hits in 403 AB's in 1981 with the Cubs (.194). Jim Sundberg had just 94 hits in 472 AB's in 1975 with the Rangers (.199). Mark McGwire had an average of .201 in 1991 with the Athletics (97 hits in 483 AB). And Brooks Robinson rounds out the list by hitting just 97 hits in 482 at-bats in 1975 with the Orioles (.201).

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