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Saturday, August 06, 2005


Nationals Lose 3-2, and are now 0-13 in 1 run games in second half

Nationals now 24-21 in one run games, 0-13 in second half.

Drese threw a quality start (6IP 7H 3ER 1BB 4SO, 87 pitches-56 strikes; well the radio called it a quailty start), Castilla hits a home run (in 4th inning, breaking the tie and putting the Nationals into the lead), but the Padres get one more run and win.

Washington scored first in the third (Vidro knocked in Guzman), but the Padres immediately responded in the top of the fourth by getting one runner across the plate, tieing the game. Castilla, as mentioned, finally hit his 7th home-run of the season, giving the Nationals the lead again. A lead that would last until the top of the sixth inning, where the Padres were able to get one more runner across the plate. Unfortuantely, that home-run was the last run for the Nationals, and when the Padres pulled out into the lead in the seventh, the game was effectively over.


1) Drese HBP but umpire believes that the ball hit the bat.

2) Once again, the Padres get more than 10 runs, and once again, the Nationals get 5 hits.

3) 5 Total Hits, five different Nationals get 1 hit: Wilkerson, Vidro, Johnson, Castilla and Guzman.

4) Guillen was on deck in the bottom of the ninth if Bennett was able to get on base with two-outs (with Schneider out, the Nationals could not pinch-hit for Bennett). Also, Guillen wasn't able to get his MRI because the machine was broken.

5) 38,076 attendence (84.6% full, according to the ESPN box score).

NL East and WC:
Nationals now 5 1/2 back.
Atlanta wins 8-1 over St. Louis. Mets win 2-0 over Cubs. Florida loses. Philadelphia wins 8-2 over the Brewers.

Houston lost.


Last home game for a while. Hopefully the Nationals will keep themselves from being swept.

Loaiza (6-7, 3.62) vs. Peavy (9-4, 3.31 and I believe the Ace of the staff).

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