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Saturday, August 06, 2005


Nationals Lose; Tonight's Game; Guillen Out; Watson - new Leadoff man? Kim gone . . .

Interesting game. The Nationals finally lost 6-5 (16 hits to 5 hits; now 0-12 in 1 run games in second half) after leading, trailing and being tied in the game. Also interesting was an incident that occurred in the stands.

In the 6th inning, Hernandez was pulled and he started to walk to the dugout. As he neared the dugout, he started throwing his stuff into the stands. A glove went first, and then I saw a jacket flying into the stands and heard that a hat also was thrown. That particular event was interesting in itself, but what was more interesting is what happened afterwards. Apparently Hernandez wanted his glove back. The guy that got the glove refused to return the glove. Three cops and about thirty security personal (some wearing plain clothes, thereby proving that there are undercover security at the game) clogged the area. A cameraman and Screech were also down there. The man continued to refuse to give up the glove. Eventually, maybe after one or two innings, slightly distracted by all the activity, he got up and left. The thirty security personal and 3 cops were in the passageway to the concourse. He passed by them without incident. The security personal remained there for another inning until finally leaving.

While the events described above were occurring, a baseball game was in progress. A strange baseball game. Last night's first inning almost mirrored Patterson's game the day before. Gave up an early hit, runner on first and one out. Then the batter at the plate hits it back to the pitcher and in Patterson's game, a double play ending the inning. In Hernandez's start last night, the ball went off the glove and the inning continued. In the end Patterson gave up 5 hits on Thursday and the Nationals managed 5 hits on Friday. Hernandez ended up giving up 12 hits and the relievers allowed 4 more hits.

The Padres lead three times (immediately after scoring 1 in the first, regained the lead in the 4th with another run to add to the one in the 3rd to go up 3-2, and then in the ninth when they won 6-5), and the Nationals lead once (in the 2nd after scoring 2 runs). The game was tied in the third (2-2), and in the 8th (5-5).

Other Highlights:

1) Only five hits for the Nationals, by five different players. Wilkerson, Vidro, Wilson, Bennett, and Hernandez all got hits. Wilson (56), Bennett 2 (17), and Hernandez (4) all got RBIs.

2) Error by Guzman, his ninth.

3) Majewski records his 3rd blown save. While Eischen (3) and Ayala (20) receive credit for holds. Cordero came in with the game tied, so he could either win, lose or if another pitcher came in, be like Stanton, and have neither a B nor H next to his name. Since the other team scored one run and won the game, Cordero picks up his 3rd lose and is now 2-3.

ESPN.com recap, box score. Nationals.com recap.


Schneider still out with a shoulder injury, and Guillen, hit by a pitch in last night's game, could be out for a while and will have an MRI. "I'm not coming back until I'm 100 percent," Guillen said.

Other News:

Tony Blanco
"reinstated from the 15-day disabled list" and "the move cost the[ Nationals] a pitcher[,]" Sunny Kim. Kim was claimed off waivers by the Rockies, so he now rejoins Zach Day.
"To help provide depth in the minors, the Nationals signed lefty John Halama." (Washington Post Nationals Notebook by Barry Svrluga).

Minor League report:

"Some in the Nationals organization do not consider outfielder Brad Wilkerson a true leadoff hitter, so the team is seriously thinking about promoting outfielder Brandon Watson from New Orleans to bat in the No. 1 slot.

Entering Friday's action, Watson is hitting .361 with one home run and 20 RBIs in 72 games. He also has stolen 26 bases and has been caught 12 times. " Nationals.com article.

NL East:
Atlanta, Washington and Philadelphia all lost. Florida and the New York Mets won.

Houston lost 4-0 to the Giants, so the Nationals are the same number of games back (1 or 1 1/2).

Drese (7-10, 5.61) vs. Williams (5-8, 5.16)

ESPN.com stat pack.

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