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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Nationals Now 0-11 in 1-Run Games in Second Half; My Fingers are Covered in Black Ink

Nationals are now 24-19 in 1 run games and still lead the league (White Sox still second with 23 1-run wins - they lost yesterday 7-3, which does not factor into the 1-run equation).

Fingers Covered in Black Ink - To better understand the Nationals coverage, I read the Washington Times and Washington Post Sports sections on the way to work (and the black newsprint, and the black ink of my pen from taking notes are now covering my hands). I will now allow you, my gentle reader, to see my notes from the game, and my notes from reading the Times and the Post.

Notes From The Game (attending in person):

1) In the ninth inning, with 2 out, Vidro was out after trying to extend a single into a double, but was called safe. Despite what some may say (or see on TV, which I did not have a chance to view, though did see the replay on the tiny stadium tv screen somewhat hard to see in the stands behind home-plate), Vidro appeared out at second base in the ninth inning from this observer in the stands .

2) Other than giving up three home-runs, Loaiza pitched a good game (7Ip 5 hits 4 ER 1 BB 4 K). Those three home-runs, of course, ruined that good pitching start, though.

3) Nationals pitchers gave up four home-runs in last nights game. See, Robinson was right, RFK is a normal home-run park.

4) Down 5-2, Nationals come back to make it 5-4, just so they can lose another 1-run game (not really, but those two extra runs did make it a 1 run game).

5) Nationals now 5 ½ games back in NL East.

Highlights from the game:

- Wilkerson's triple that scored 2 runs.
- Guzman went 1 for 2 with 1 run - as the Times article notes: "fifth straight time he successfully reached base" after that first hit. Also stole a base.
- Vidro - 3 for 5, 1 run
- Schneider - 2 for 2, 1 R, 1 BB, 1 HBP (again)

Pitching? - Well, Majewski pitched a solid 9th.

1. Braves - watched the out of town score board as they won 12-2 over the Reds
2. Nationls - 5 1/2 games back - attended game
3. Marlins - 6 1/2 games back - watched out of town score board as Marlins lost close game
4. Phillies - 7 games back - watched as they lost 2-1 to the Cubs.
5. Mets - 7 1/2 games back - watched part of Mets game on out of town score board, Mets win 9-8 against the Brewers.

Washington Times: Mark Zuckerman: "Magic Disappears at RFK":
Here's the on-line version (which I haven't checked to see if it is 100% same).

1) "Nationals were a major-league-best 29-10 at home through the first half of the season." Now - "Washington has lost nine of its last 12 games at the supposedly friendly confines [of RFK] . . . energy . . . wilted away in the searing [Washington] D.C. summer."

2) Nationals are now 2 games back from the Astros for the Wild Card race (if I'm calculating correctly, the paper has it as 1 ½ without the Astros win factored in).

Washington Post: Barry Sybluga: "At Home, Nationals Still Sick":
Here's the on-line version (which I haven't checked to see if it is 100% same).

1) 19th loss in 25 games, 7 of last 8; lost 7 straight series.

2) Vidro's wild running to 2B in 9th lead to Robinson's quote: "I wasn't thinking good thoughts." and Vidro's quote: "Things like that are what start us."

3) "Announced crowd of 36,277" - must have missed them making that announcement.

4) A month ago today, the Nationals were 5 ½ games up in first place in the NL East, after having won their sixth straight. (I believe it's been a while since they've won 2 in a row).

5) Guillen - "now hitting .222 with runners in scoring position and two out."

6) Before today - Nationals have "never given up as many as three home runs."
Schneider quote: "If you hit it well, it'll go out." - "Field of Dreams"?

Nationals.com recap.

Other notes:
SS Barry Larkin will not play for the Nationals, but just released 2B Bret Boone might. According to an article on Nationals.com, Boone was released by the Twins on Monday, and was hitting .170 (9-53) for the Twins (who got him in a trade from Seattle), and was hitting .221 overall for 2005.

Armas vs. Houlton.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com vs. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Nationals.com preview.

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