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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


New Boswell Column: "Palmeiro Plays a Bad Hand"; Les Carpenter article: "For Want of a Run, Nats' Season Is Being Lost;" Braves Lose

Read the print version for the first time in a long while, and noticed several articles/columns of interest. The Orioles Palmerio has been suspended for ten games due to a positive Steroid Test, and the O's have lost 14 of their last 16 games. Good thing I decided to stop caring about the O's when the Nationals arrived. Boswell's Column.

Carpenter Article:
Well that's interesting. Typed in his name into the On-Line version and found the article I had read in the print version. Look at the Nationals page? See a large sign that says to get Flash. This is very annoying and means that I have missed a lot of articles before now. The Nationals page on Washingtonpost.com just has that large "Get Flash" sign and at the bottom, Boswell's columns.

Well, to the article. Carpenter notes that despite the common belief that the first half winning of the Nationals was the act of over-achieving on the part of the Nationals, GM Bowden believes that most of the team was underachieving. Despite what some may think, Guzman is not really a .186 batter, nor does he normally make the stupid fielding mistakes that have started to become common in 2005 games. Bowden notes: "Of our starting eight, I'd say there are only two players who are playing to expectations," Jose Guillen and Brian Schneider. The rest? Livan Hernandez is having a "blow-out year," and the rest are underachieving.

Carpenter also notes that the Nationals were 24-8 in 1 run games in the first half and 0-10 in the second half. The offense is about the same, but, as he puts it and I paraphrase, in the first half, a player would hit a double and end up on 2nd base. Then a ground out moves him to third and a sac fly scores him. Second half? The player most often gets stranded at second base.

Braves Lost:
Braves lost on Monday. The Nationals did not play on Monday. The Nationals moved up a 1/2 game. The Braves play the 47-58 Cincinnati Reds tonight, while the Nationals play the 47-58 LA Dodgers.

Tonight's Game:
Loaiza (6-6, 3.54) vs. Weaver (8-8, 4.59)

ESPN.com Stat pack. Nationals.com preview.

Other: "Guillen on good terms with Robinson: Outfielder, skipper find a mutual respect, fondness" Article by Bill Ladsen on Nationals.com.

Basically Guillen was sacred ("Before I got to know him, I really scared," Guillen said), but Robinson has mellowed with age.

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