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Monday, August 08, 2005


Sunday's 3-0 Lose; Watson new leadoff man, according to reports.

Sunday's Game:

For only the second time this season, I attended a Sunday (or a day) game. This game featured yet another new line-up, this time with all but two offensive starters sitting on the bench:

Carroll 2B 2 for 4 .243
Guzman SS 0 for 4 .190
Johnson 1B 0 for 2 .318 2 walks
Baerga 3B 0 for 3 .268
Church CF 1 for 4 .298
Cepicky RF 1 for 4 .239 (demoted, possibly picked up by another team)
Blanco LF 0 for 2 .239
Bennett C 0 for 3 .233
Loaiza 1 for 2 .203

Only Johnson and Guzman are currently considered everyday starters, at the moment.

Loaiza pitched seven solid innings, limiting the Padres to just six hits and three runs, striking out 4 and walking 1. Unfortunately, the other pitcher pitched a complete game 10 strike-out shut-out.

As Robinson noted, and is quoted in Les Carpenter’s Washington Post article on Monday: “You can’t make those little mistakes, you’ve got to be perfect. And it’s tough to be perfect.”

At some point in the future the pictures I took at the game might end up on this blog.

Nationals.com recap. ESPN.com recap. Les Carpenter Washington Post article. Can't find the other Washington Post article.

Nationals now go on the road for, I believe, thirteen games. First stop: Houston for a three game series Tuesday-Thursday. Houston is currently the wild card leader, two games over both the Nationals and the Marlins (who are now tied). As the Washington post put it: “Win three, and they improbably lead the wild-card race. Lose three, and they might be done” (in the Barry Svlurga article about Sunday’s game).

Patterson (5-3, 2.42) vs. Astacioco (2-4, 6.33)

Hernandez (13-4, 3.37) vs. Rodriguez (6-5, 6.11)

Armas (6-5, 4.64) vs. Pettite (9-8, 2.64)

Just something I noticed after seeing the ERA of the Houston’s starters Tuesday-Thursday: Worst pitcher on the team, by ERA, is Armas with his 4.64 ERA.

Recall those previous remarks about Watson in this blog? After Sunday’s game, Cepicky was sent down and Watson was promoted. As Barry Svlurga of the Washington Post noted: “Watson - who has never played a big league game - will not only be in uniform, but likely will be leading off and playing right field.” Watson, last time I looked, was hitting something like .367. After checking, I notice that Watson was hitting .358 with 27 SB in New Orleans before the promotion. As I quoted earlier (earlier blog entry), the Nationals management are less concerned about Watson’s bat and more concerned with his fielding and base-running (knowing when to start running: I believe I read that it has become his habit to attempt to steal on the first or second pitch, and thereby increase the chances of the other team noticing and picking him off).

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