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Saturday, August 27, 2005


White Pitched a very solid first . . .

. . . giving up just 1 walk and striking out 1. He needed 20 pitches to get past the first inning, 11 of which were strikes, and he faced 4 batters.

Byrd is now leading off the bottom of the first:
Byrd is hitting .269 at RFK and .226 when the bases are empty.
He flies out to center.

Slumping Vidro now up:
.226 at home.
.275 with the bases empty.
Vidro Strikes-out.

Now it's Nick Johnson's turn:
.314 at home.
.257 with the bases empty.

First pitch - swung at a ball outside. 2nd: Swing at a high strike. 3rd: very low ball. 4th: Even lower ball. 5th: ball outside. 6th: foul ball (swung at a strike). 7th: Fly out to CF -swung at a strike.

Marquis - solid first inning, faced just three batters and needed just 14 pitches (9 strikes).

2nd Inning:
White pitching:
So Taguchi up first.
Taguchi is hitting .310 on the road, .299 against LHP and .259 when the bases are empty.
4 pitches so far, 2 strikes, 2 balls.

My time at the library is up . . .

Weather: 70 degress with rain.

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