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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Nationals lose again - it's all over

Hernandez pitched 9 solid innings but gave up 2 home-runs (1 to Bonds - which went into the upper deck), one in the ninth inning that gave the Giants 3 runs, moving them in front of the Nationals 4-2 (hit by Alou). Yet another game they were winning or tied in the 9th inning where they ended up losing the game (third in a row). Hernandez ended up getting that last out in the ninth and completing the game. The Nationals offense was able to tack on one more run to make it 4-3 before the game ended (making it another 1 run loss).

Line-up was similar to beginning of year, except for having Wilson in CF.

The game was very quick and could have ended at 9:20, but for that home-run given up by Hernandez in the ninth inning.

Nothing fancy, no links, no news articles, no NL East standings or WC standings because it's all over now. The team is not yet eliminated from the playoffs, but I very much doubt that they could get into the playoffs now.

Mets beat Florida 3-2 in 12 innings. Atlanta beat Philly 4-1. Houston beat Pittsburgh 7-4.

John Patterson (9-5, 2.65) vs. Brad Hennessey (4-8, 5.25) tonight.

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