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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Redskins Come from behind and win in final four minutes 14-13

For most of the game Burnell looked old and worse than last year's injured quarterback. But in the last four minutes, Burnell threw a fourth down pass 39 yards to Moss, who crossed over the goal line for a touchdown (time remaining: 3:46). The Redskins defense then kept Dallas from doing anything when they received the ball after the kickoff. Then the Redskins acquired to ball on their own 20 yard line with 2 minutes, 35 seconds remaining. First down: Burnell throws a ten yard completed pass to Portis. Another first down: Burnell throws a 70 yard pass to Moss, who outran his defenders to make the catch and run into the in-zone.

Burnell's game: 20 completions in 34 attempts for 291 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception (with 5 sacks). Moss ended up with 159 receiving yards in 5 catches, while Portis caught the second most passes for 25 yards (combined with his 52 yards rushing gives him 77 yards total).

Thrash returned one punt for 9 yards, and 1 kickoff return for 9 yards, otherwise Betts played the return man after Brown was cut earlier in the week before the game. Betts returned four kickoffs for an average of 20.5 per return (longest return was 22 yards).

New kicker Nick Novak mostly went unused in this game, but was able to make the two extra point attempts, and did not mess up the kick-offs.

The Redskins are now undefeated and tied for first with the Giants (who, it would appear, played an away game at their own stadium, slightly confusing).

NFL.com gamecenter stats for the game. Washington Redskins page for the game. Washington Post recap. Post story about Portis's catches (basically, he had the second most receptions and . . .). Wilbon's column (basically, Burnell played worse than his mid-30's opposing QB except for a 1 minute, 11 second span when he won the game for Gibbs). Boswell's column (his son likes the Redskins, but before today, he only had tradition to keep him a fan). Washington Times article. " Dallas plays too conservatively" by Andy Friedlander of the Times.

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