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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Great News Local Nationals Fans (no, this is about radio)

Tired of having a hard time hearing the Nationals baseball games even ten feet from Nationals stadium (or more importantly, on the ride home from work within the beltway)? Well the Nationals games are now, apparently, going to be broadcast on a stronger station.

No more struggling to understand what’s going on at the game from the weak 1050 AM (granted, the few times that they weren’t playing music on 104.1 FM, the baseball broadcast reception was good on the FM station - the problem was that it seemed rare for them to air the baseball broadcast instead of the latest top 40 hit (or whatever music 104.1 FM plays)). Nope, now, baring unforseen circumstances, you’ll get to hear the game on 1500 AM and 107.7 FM. I know from personal experience that the 1500 AM signal is great, but I can only assume that 107.7 FM is a strong signal. Don’t recall if I’ve listened to 107.7 FM, so I’ll have to wait to see how strong the signal will be.

Read all about it at Washington Post.com. The new entity will still be owned by Bonneville International Corp, the organization that owned the rights to broadcast the games in 2005 (or at least owned the stations through various holding companies and the like).

From the article: "most Nationals games were simulcast . . ." on 1050 AM and 104.1 FM. Um, most of the time 104.1 FM seemed to be playing music during the game. At least that was my experience. Maybe I had accidently set the radio dial to 104.2 FM, or something. While the Post notes that only 1050 AM carried the day games, I believe that not all night games were simulcast on both stations. I’m probably wrong. Also, why is WTOP’s VP Jim Farley’s name italicized on the Washington Post.com website (and the rest of the named people’s names)?

The fact that Dave Shea won’t be returning next year is, I suppose, sad to hear. My reaction is somewhat muted by the fact that I was rarely able to hear the radio broadcasts, and so I am unaware of his abilities, or lack thereof.

Similarly, the fact that Ron Darling is also likely not back for the 2006 season as color analyst (I thought it was color commentator) also receives a muted reaction from me. Because of the TV broadcast dispute (did the various court cases every end? I know that the judge through out all counts but noted that one count could be resubmitted), I rarely got to see any of the games on tv. Sad, Darling and Shea are likely gone. Two of the founding broadcasters of the Nationals new era. Likely gone. I hope them all the best.

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