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Friday, March 03, 2006


Jose Guillen injuried, out three months

Guillen was being eased back into playing form this spring, he was recovering from an injury to his shoulder (for which he had surgery in November). Then he injuries his wrist and "will be out at least three months because of a left wrist injury" (according to an Nationals e-mail I received). Apparently the wrist was injured a while back, but it wasn't until this morning that x-ray's revealed a damaged tendon.

One pitcher, one batter down and out (of course, the Nationals.com injuries page looks like this: "No injuries yet this season.").

I've been silent all this time waiting for the stupid little stadium deal to get done, so I can stop holding my breath. Supposedly the MLB will decide on or by Monday.

Nationals.com article. Oh, and the Nationals lost in their first Grapefruit league game (a large number of players were on the bench, waiting to leave to start that World Baseball Championship thing).

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