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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Oh good, Armas is better than Hernandez . . .

at least using last night's and today's games as a guide. Third inning at the moment, and what's the score? Mets: 6, Nats: 0. How?

Well, Beltran hit his third homer of the year in the first, then Wright, not wanting to feel left out, hits his third homer of the year (a two run home-run). 3 runs in, inning not yet over. Well, I vaguely recall Floyd having some power, and what's this? Hernandez has given up a third home-run in the first inning. Mets 4, Nats - (not up yet at that point).

Nats? Well, they aren't out of the third yet, but, so far haven't done anything.
Mets? Well, they added 2 more runs in the third off of another home-run (another 2 run home-run to be exact). So, just like that it is 6-0 Mets, third inning not yet done.
Oops, Byrd just flied out, so inning over. Score 6-0 Mets.

Just for the record: Line-up for Nats:
Soriano, LF
Byrd, CF
Vidro, 2B
Guillen, RF
Johnson, 1B
Zimmerman, 3B
Scheider, C
Jackson, SS
Hernandez, P

Well, a ball to start off the fourth inning. Fun, the Gameday thing says "Ball in play" off of second pitch, but what is happening? Eh? Come on already, is it another home-run? Nope, just a ground-rule double for Ramon Castro. Well, I'll go back to letting others watch, listen, read the game for themselves.

funny how the nats were just complaining about how impossible it is to hit balls out of rfk...
Yes, today's game certainly was a great day for home-runs. Unfortunately . . .
Even though they lost today, something seemed different. Was it just me, or did they seem more alive?
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