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Friday, May 05, 2006


Nats Lose (Thursday), then Win (Friday)

Quick update: Thursday's game was long and filled with frustration for Hernandez as the tight strike zone that was being enforced took Hernandez off of his game. For the Marlins this was one great series, eh? They finally won their first road series sweep, and finished it off with a 11-3 pounding of the Nationals.

Friday's game was a much more exiciting game all around (except for the Pirates), as Zach Day put together a great seven inning shut-out effort, and in the meantime lowered his ERA to 7.11 from something like 10.65 (says something when an ERA of 7.11 is the lower era after a shutout performance). The bullpen held up the shutout and the Nationals are now 10-20 and in third place.

Other hightlights (other than the great pitching) came from Nick Johnson, who ended up going 2 for 2, both hits being home-runs and ended up 4 RBIs. Vidro went 3 for 4, and Byrd really helped by getting on base twice on walks. Oh, and for those wondering where Church went off too, he's still with the team and came in to run for Marlon Anderson after Anderson was hit on the toe (looked like) in his pinch-hit at-bat for Day. Read the wrap up on the Nationals page.

The Nationals have now won 2 games at RFK this season, and on a personal note, I'm now 2-2 at RFK.

Friday Night: Also somewhat on a personal note, unfortunately past indications were wrong and O'Connor will not pitch Saturday night, instead Ramon Ortiz (0-3, 5.55) will face off against Victor Santos (1-4, 5.06).

Also on a personal note, this blog entry was written while listening to a interesting Celtic Fusion band Peatbog Faeries. Listen for yourself at their MySpace.com page (4 songs available to listen to). Just remember that it's Celtic music, and that their will be lots of instrumentals.

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