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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


New Owner by Next Year, eh?

Well this certainly is fun, eh? I mentioned a while ago that my blogging, or more accurately my lack of blogging, was a direct result of the team not having an owner. If I'm reading things correctly, at some point the leading bidders came down to three separate groups: 1) The group lead by Bethesda developer Theodore N. Lerner (which MLB seems to like, but for lack of diversity, since "resolved"), 2) group led by D.C. businessmen Fred Malek and Jeffrey Zients, and 3) a Indianapolis conglomerate (what, setting up a relocation, already?) (Washington Post story). Well, as probably noticed and noted, there was some talk recently about the potential new owner of the team. Apparently Lerner's rivals have annoyed the MLB decision maker in the matter, Commissioner Bud Selig. Both groups had pressure groups pressuring the MLB to pick their groups. As the Washington Post article notes: "he [Selig] has virtually ruled out Lerner's two main rivals" because of this unwanted pressure. Part of the pressure invovled a news conference being held by DC Council Members Marion Barry and Vincent B. Orange, Sr, to announce that they think Lerner and family are just "renting blacks" (as the Post article said they said) to acquire the team.

"We can't have blacks being rented for a day," Barry said. "We want real participation. We need to do better than [teams] have done around the country.

"If you name the Lerners, you're five steps backward and five years backward."

Well, back to hiding from my readers. Read more about the story throughout the Nats blogging world, and at the Washington Post article previously linked above. Oh, and the Nationals are currently in fourth place with a record of 8-18 and currently use the services of Zach Day (remember him?) and Michael O'Connor (from AAA) as two of their starters. Armas with his past injury problems is still out there, but for how long? Starting Pitchers Dresse (keeps reinjuring self), Lawrence and Patterson are currently injured and on either the 15 or 60 day DL.

Pretty disappointing season so far, though as has been noted by some, maybe the team is playing last year's season in reverse and they will be great in the second half. Of course, that would still lead to a 81-81 .500 season.

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