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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


President's race

From reading the various blogs, there has been some small desire to see the "live" "critters", so here they are:

The beginning:
President's race

The winner:
Abe Lincoln wins

Some talking Presidents:
Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson

Three of the four stand around posing (Abe's behind them):
The President's pose

Oops, games restarting, need to exit the field (right next to me):
President's leave

Bye bye Mr. President(s)!
They walk up the aisle near me

Larger pictures of the above available if you click on them and head over to Flickr.

Oh, and just because this picture is from the first time they appeared, here's another picture:
President's race
Don't overlook the blog entry below this one, also from today

Fantastic Pictures! Wow you must have had great seats. I'll be there for the get-away game Thursday.
I was testing the Diamond Club seats (row 7, section 113). Free food & drink (except for beer/wine), and a spot in the outfield with more free food (roast beef, salad, hot dogs, peanuts, pretzel bites, popcorn, cookies, chicken) and drink and an interesting angle on the field. Probably too expensive for what you get, but I figured I'd give it a shot.
Did they race a big giant Barry Bonds Head with the Presidents? Because that would be entertaining.
Nope, sorry, just giant headed Presidents.
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