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Monday, July 24, 2006


Section 319: The missing seating section at RFK

On this, an off day, I decided to mention a little issue that I've had with the stadium seating at RFK. My little issue involves section 319, and the brilliant sign work performed by the RFK staff (a second issue, which I'm going to forgo for now, involves the question: "Why, during the game, especially while the Nationals are at bat, does everyone and their cousin Shirley decide to walk directly in front of section 319 to exit, even if they have to walk from the opposite side of the stadium to walk in front of section 319?"). Right, the 319/318 sign.
Here is a picture of section 319, or a small part of it, as seen from the RFK field:
There's my seat
Notice anything wrong with this picture (other than the giant laundry bag and the balloons)?
That's right, the sign reads 318.
I'm obviously looking at section 318, right? Wrong. Another shot, taken from the upper deck (and blurry):
My seats
Notice the 319 written on the wall, the blurry hard to read sign that reads 318, and the sign on the railing on the next section over which also says 318.

Almost every game people wander around in front of section 319 trying to figure out where they are supposed to be sitting. And almost every game a miniature debate leads off the game, as those that hold tickets for section 318 (which is actually a better section) battle holders of section 319 tickets for the right to sit in the section 319 seats.

The signage issue has been a cause for concern since the beginning of this year (though the sign correctly read section 319 last year). Oh and those people that walk in front of section 319 while the Nationals are at bat? The ones apparently in need of some refreshment, or the like? Most of the time they are wearing Nationals hats, or shirts, or socks, or whatever.

Until next time, my faithful reader (which, I believe, consists of myself; turning this into a photoblog didn't pan out, and not continuing the entry style of last year removed the rest of the readers). To no one, except maybe as a reminder to myself: I will not be at the Tuesday-Thursday series games in my normal season seat, and will not attend the game on Tuesday nor on Thursday, but on Wednesday I will be attempting to see what the Diamond Club seats are like. I am quite interested to see what kind of pictures I can get from that short distance from the field (if I recall correctly, 10 rows from the field). Also, am I supposed to be getting free food and parking as a with this Diamond Club ticket?

Before I leave, just for fun, here are the new Nationals:
Kearns at bat:
Kearns at the plate
Kearns in the Field:
Austin Kearns in the field
Lopez at bat:
Lopez at the plate
Lopez in the field:
New player Felipe Lopez in the field
And hard to see, but this is Luis Matos at bat:
Luis Matos four at-bat as a National

Another blogger from the wormhole. I'm pretty sure I didn't age while I was in 320 snapping pics.
I believe I've aged maybe, oh, 10 years since the beginning of this year. Luckily I might regain some of those years later today when I test the seats in the Diamond Club section.
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