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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Blogger: What's going on?; Escobar out for rest of year

Anyone know what's wrong with Blogger? For the last week I've been having problems working with blogger here on my own blog and on some others. The actual blogs appear to load (maybe slower, maybe not slower) reasonably well, but I can't seem to get my comments on some other people's blogs (quick note for any viewers of, or runners of The DCentersblog - thanks for the mention and link, lately I've just had 1 blog comment make it onto the blog, the others end up with an error message (something along the lines of "blog does not exist")). Sorry, to all who can't read my comments (brillant comments, I'm sure). :) Beyond the comment situation, I can't seem to get to Blogger.com 9 times out of ten (and the comments are through Blogger.com, not the individual blog). Odd that the blogs themselves are about 90% accessible, but Blogger.com is about 10% accessible.

Sorry to all looking for blog entries from me. Gets somewhat frustrating when I can't upload them.

And because this is a Nationals baseball blog, and entries on here tend, but do not always, automatically show up on some sports blogs:

Alex Esobar's season is over:
Escobar joined the DL on August 26 (RHP Kevin Gryboski rejoined the team, taking Esobar's now open spot) with a separated shouldar. MRI taken.

"Nationals center fielder Alex Escobar had an MRI on his right shoulder on Monday and it revealed that he has a tear in his right labrum and will have surgery within the next seven to 10 days. Escobar will miss the rest of the season, but is expected to be at 100 percent for Spring Training." Nationals.com article.

Note: Oddly enough, it took about 15-30 minutes to get this particular entry posted on my blog. Not counting writing, just trying to get it on the blog.
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