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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Majewski coming back to the Nationals?

That's what the Reds would like to have happen. Apparently overlooking all indications of a sore arm and tendinitis, the Reds completed a deal that allowed them to have the brief services of Gary Majewski. For whatever reason (sore arm, overworked arm, prior undisclosed injury), Majewski pitched 9.1 rather poor innings in 11 games with the Reds, giving up 21 hits and acquiring an ERA of 12.54 (and blowing two save opportunities; he also struck out 7 in those 9.1 innings, and only walked 3 batters, and gave up just 1 HR).

The part about him coming back? According to the Cincinnati Enquirer:
There is a precedent for the team returning a player involved in a trade because of an injury.

Pat Listach was part of a four-player trade with the New York Yankees and Milwaukee Brewers Aug. 23, 1996. Six days later, the Brewers sent Ricky Bones back to New York after it was discovered Listach was hurt.
Apparently the Reds are quite confused about the situation and never knew anything about the tendinitis or overworked arm. From that Enquirer article: "All he had was ice after the games," Krivsky said. "He wasn't in the training room." Of course, as noted by Chris Needham of Capitol Punishment, anyone with half a brain, or anyone involved in due diligence for the trade would have noticed something about the tendinitis. The links can be found in Needham's blog. Basically the "injury" was all over, in the news, on the web, and even from the pitchers own mouth (though, apparently, not directly to the Reds organization until Monday).

Zimmerman had a hit taken away the other day after the ball bounced off the foul pole and was called foul. The umpire was wrong. The Reds are wrong. But, the result of all this whining might be the return of Majewski to the Nationals and some player/cash whatever, going back to the Reds. That would be the wrong result, but wrong results happen all the time in major league baseball.

Strangely enough, if the Reds sent Majewski back for cash, I would love that deal tremendously. He was overworked by Frank Robinson the past 2 seasons, our 2006 starting pitching didn't help and Luis Ayala gone for the season made it worse. I would take Tex back in a heartbeat, even for some lesser Nats Minor Leaguer that, in desperation, the Reds would take just to look better. But, I am not expecting that, The Reds have backed down from their initial comments.
I'd like Majewski to come back also, but if a player went back, it would probably have to be one of the ex-Reds players that came over in the trade. I don't really expect the Reds to press the issue, though.
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