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Thursday, August 03, 2006



Nationals lost last game, won series but did not sweep Giants in San Fran. Armas is a lame race horse. You know what they do with lame race horses, right? That's right, they patch them up and make some money through stud fees (what, you thought they shot racehorses? only if they stud fees wouldn't draw in enough money).

Right, I don't particularly want to wade through a "we jumped out to an early lead through a lead-off home-run by Soriano (his 7th this year, 30th in his career), but Armas can't pitch and the Giants tied it up in the bottom of the 1st inning. Tie would remain until third inning, when the Giants added another run to pull ahead for good. Added 4 more runs in the 4th, during which inning Armas was pulled for Rivera. Nationals added 2 runs in the 7th to pull within 3 (6-3 Giants at time), but Giants covered those runs by scoring 2 more runs in the bottom of the 7th to jump out to a seemingly huge lead of 8-3. But the Nationals rallyed and added 3 more runs in the top of the ninth, to bring the score to 8-6. Man on base, Escobar up, 2 outs in the ninth. Escobar strikes out when an obviously outside ball is called a strike. Nationals lose 8-6. Nationals needed to use the services of relievers Rivera, Corcoran (lowers ERA to 11.57), Wagner (gave up 2 more runs, ERA now 16.88), and Hughes. Oddly enough, the Giants would need to use the same number of relievers, though theirs had to work less innings, since Schmidt actually made it 6 innings" type of a recap (by the way, I'm not quoting anyone, those are my words in the quotes).

So, some pictures to remember the Nationals for no particular reason other than I don't feel like writting a blog (too late now?):
Anyone recognize this game? It's an Astros vs. Nationals game from July 23, 2005.
July 23, 2005 Nationals Game: Fourth Inning.
- there's the fourth inning, Nationals up 4-0.
Recall Brad Wilkerson? He lead off. Vidro? He was second. Guillen, Church, Preston Wilson, can't tell, Schneider, Guzman, and Armas round out the line-up. Remember when Armas could throw 4 innings without giving up a run?

LeCroy hits the ball - Remember someone named Matt LeCroy?

Clayton running - how about Clayton, remember him?

Ramirez starts the 9th - Remember some pitcher named Ramirez, who ended up getting dropped from the team?

Eischen enters the game - How about Eischen, anyone remember a pitcher named Eischen?

O'Connor pitching - Here's O'Connor from June 8th, when he pitched the Nationals to a 5-2 victory over the Phillies (pitched 6 solid innings).

Harris makes the catch - Harris makes the catch, remember Harris (June 11, 2006)?

Bray pitching 2 - Here's Bray on June 11th. Future all-star reliever/maybe closer.

Robert Fick Homers - Fick homers. June 11th.

Hill pitching . . . - Shawn Hill - what's the latest news on this pitcher?

Guillen Hits a double . . . - Here's Guillen hitting a double. Anyone think we will see him in a Nationals uniform on the field again?

Chicken man - Remember Chicken man?

Stanton pitches - think we are going to re-sign Mike Stanton this off-season, like last off-season?

Baseball Player: Mickey Vernon - Remember when Mickey Vernon played for the Senators?

Baseball Player: Frank - Frank Howard? Former Senators player?

Majewski throws the ball - Majewski - former Nationals player?

Bergmann's first pitch - Bergmann? Anyone remember Bergmann?

As I said, I have nothing to say today. No roster movements were announced . . . etc.

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