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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Nationals Lose; Nationals Still have just 4 starting pitchers; Bowden defends himself against Reds claims

Nationals Lose
Armas pitches 6 outstanding innings and gives up only 9 hits and 4 runs (2 earned) and 1 home-run (he also strikes out 4). Armas picks up the loss, falls to 7-8. Chris Schroder makes major league debut (that or the Nationals/MLB need to update the "career stats" page) in relief of Armas and pitches 1 inning - striking out 1 batter and giving up zero hits, zero walks and zero runs. Rauch also pitches one great inning (1 strike-out) in relief, and Wagner, surprisingly, also pitches 1 great inning in relief (a great inning involves no runners scoring).

Errors: Soriano caught stealing (12th of year); Church makes his 2nd error of the year; Johnson makes his 9th error of the year; and Anderson makes his 7th error of the year (throw). As the Times headline for their recap notes Nats’ errors lead to loss: “It doesn't matter how good a team's pitching is if it can't field.”
"The ball game tonight was not a good ballgame, period," Nationals manager Frank Robinson said. "It was a very uninspired and lack of energy type game. No execution."

47,258 people watched the Redskins scrimmage August 5th at FedEx field. No, not a preseason game, not a regular season game, a scrimmage. Number of people attend the Nationals first home game in 9 games (last home game July 27th)? 24,922. 47,258 turn up to yell and scream and chant players names during warm-ups at a scrimmage, but only 24,922 people turn up for a baseball game.

Getting back to the game: Both Church and Johnson tried to make amends for their poor fielding by hitting home-runs - Church’s sixth and Johnson’s 17th. Unfortunately both were 1 run affairs. The Marlins would end up winning 4-2, and while the Nationals were close, the Marlins lead from the beginning and never seemed to be in any real trouble.

Nationals have 4 starting pitchers:
A long at the transactions page, and the depth chart, show that the Nationals still have just 4 starting pitchers (Armas, Ortiz, Astacio, and Traber). Traber made two previous starts for the Nationals in 2006. On April 20th, in Philly, Traber went 5.2 innings, gave up 3 runs off of 2 hits and four walks while striking out 3 and picking up a win. On April 25th, Traber pitched at RFK against the Reds. He lasted just 1.1 innings, giving up 4 runs off of 4 hits and 2 walks. Traber would pick up a loss for that game and have his ERA move to 9.00 (Home ERA: 27.00; Road ERA: 4.76).

Traber went 6-9 with an ERA of 5.24 in 33 games (18 starts) for the Indians in 2003. He had 1 complete game and 1 shut-out in 111.2 IP. 88 SO vs. 40 walks and just 15 home-runs given up.

The Probable Pitchers page has Traber penciled in for Saturday’s game. Ortiz will pitch tonight, Astacio Thursday, and who is pitching Friday? The probable pitchers page has a career reliever penciled in to start on Friday (Jason Bergmann). Bergmann currently has an ERA of 8.14 (this season in the majors; though not currently in the majors according to transaction page and roster page).

Bowden claims he did nothing wrong in Reds trade
Nationals general manager Jim Bowden said on Tuesday afternoon that there was no wrong doing when he traded reliever Gary Majewski to the Reds on July 13 as part of an eight-player trade that sent outfielder Austin Kearns and shortstop Felipe Lopez to Washington. . . . "A month later, after 11 relief appearances? I don't think (the Reds) feel that way," Bowden said. "If they did, I know one thing: Wayne Krivsky would call me directly. The media wouldn't ask me that, and our organization is always forthright, honest in any transaction we make. We supply every documentation that's ever asked on every single player. I think that's just a media report. I don't think there's any truth to it. The Reds certainly have not called us and they certainly would call us if there was an issue."
- Ladson on Nationals.com.

Despite Bowden’s claim, the “Reds Mulling Action On Majewski's Injury” according to Sheinin of the Washington Post.
Krivsky said he left a message Tuesday morning with Nationals GM Jim Bowden, but had not heard back from him as of early Tuesday evening.

"I did call him," he said. "I just wanted to have a conversation.”

Don’t forget, tonight it’s Dontrelle Willis (7-8, 4.05)vs. Ramon Ortiz (8-9, 4.76).

On-line chat:
Oh, and there is an on-line chat with Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post, today at 2 pm.

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