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Friday, September 01, 2006


Friday's game postponded until 1:05 pm Saturday September 2, 2006

Probably everyone that would care about this information already know, and those that don't are not likely to visit here.

So, tickets for Sept. 1, 2006 game can either be used for the make-up game scheduled for 1:05 Sept. 2, 2006, or "exchanged for comparably-priced tickets and are subject
to availability. Tickets may be exchanged at the Nationals
Box Office located at RFK Memorial Stadium or mailed to
the following address:

The Washington Nationals
C/o Season Ticket Services
RFK Stadium, Gate F
2400 E. Capitol Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003"

The information is vaguely confused in the e-mail I received:
"Please note that tickets for the September 1 game will
not be valid for the second game of the doubleheader on
September 2, scheduled for 7:05."

and then later:

"you may exchange your September 1 tickets for
any remaining 2006 regular season game (including the
second game of the September 2 doubleheader)"

I assume that they just mean that you can't see the Sept. 2 game and the make-up game scheduled at 1:05 pm. Just as those ticket-holders with Sept. 2nd tickets can't use their tickets to see both Sept. 2 games.

"Tickets must be received by the Nationals at least five
(5) days prior to the game requested for exchange.

Certainly, should you have questions or if we can be of
help, please contact us at 202/675-NATS (6287)."

So, anyone with 2 tickets for both tonight's game and tomorrow's game could, conceivably, exchange their Sept. 1 tickets for night game tickets, and have four people go to the game, sitting in similarly priced seats, though likely not near each other. Of course: "subject to availability." Oh and that 5 day issue, I assume they are referring to mail, or they would not have mentioned the possibility of using the Sept. 1 tickets for the night game.

Right, as mentioned, everyone probably has already been informed. This means, of course, that I have only two things that I could blog about tomorrow: 1) the pictures (the few) that I took for Thursday's game; 2) the "Today in Baseball History" segment (assuming that games were played some time in history on Sept. 9th; I assume it is possible, but highly unlikely, that no games have ever been played on Sept. 9th).

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