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Friday, September 15, 2006


Sorry . . . ; Ohka back

Can't think of anything to say. Nationals lost again on Wednesday night, ending the minor win-streak, though they still won that series. Then on Thursday the Nationals traveled home and will play the Brewers tonight at 7:05 pm. Of course, I'm so out of touch, I completely forgot and while I have tickets to the game, forgot to bring them with me to work. I feel very ashamed.

Anyone that does happen to attend the game, maybe because they remembered their tickets, will get to see Tomo Ohka again, though, of course, he will be starting for the other team. Ohka is currently 0-2 with an ERA of 9 in his two starts in September, and has a record of 4-5, 4.83 ERA for the year. Ohka will face Nationals starter Ramon Ortiz and his 10-13, 5.19 era. Ortiz is currently 1 for 1 in September with an ERA of 3.60 in the 15 innings pitched.

And if you attend, maybe you'll get to see Soriano pick up his 40th steal to go along with his 45 current home-runs (and hopefully at least number 46).

Great article about one of the Nationals minor leagurers over at The Beltway Boys temp address.

5 Q and A's
with a Brewers blogger at Curly W (last Q&A of the season).

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