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Monday, September 18, 2006


Washington Wins, and Loses . . . Soriano - 40-40

Nationals win on Saturday (8-5)and Sunday (6-1) and now host the Atlanta Braves for three games starting tonight. Redskins lose, again, 10-27 and will now face the Houston Texans in Texas at 1pm Sunday. As Riggins noted, the test comes next Sunday, though I don't recall his arguement now. And: United lost to the Fire in a rain-delayed match in Chicago. ESPN2 kept losing the coverage and during one of the lost coverage times, Fire scored. They, the Fire, ended up winning 0-1 after a 20 minute rain delay. United's next match will be at home on Saturday 9/23/06 against the New York Red Bulls.

Back to the Nationals: Soriano picked up his 40th stolen base on Saturday to match up with his 40+ home-runs, and 38 doubles (just needs 2 more for 40-40-40). Also on Saturday, Castro hit two triples, and Zimmerman also hit a triple (3) and stole his 11th base. "Speedy" Logan finally stole a base this year on Saturday. And Astacio picked up his 4th win of the year on Saturday. Nationals, as I mentioned earlier, won 8-5. Saturday's Box Score

On Sunday, Lopez picked up his 39th stolen base, and now he is just 1 away from 40. Of course, he doesn't have 40 home-runs (he has 11, and 24 doubles). Also on Sunday, Kearns hit his 23rd home-run and picked up his 82nd and 83rd RBIs. O'Connor started and went 4 innings, giving up 1 run off of 3 hits. Rivera picked up the win, his 3rd of the year. Despite winning 6-1, this is still another game where they came from behind to win the game. The Brewers picked up 1 run in the top of the second, and kept that 1 run lead until the bottom of the fifth, when Kearns hit that previously mentioned home-run for a tie game. Tie game until the bottom of the 7th, when the Nationals picked up another run for the 1 run lead, and then tacked on 4 more runs in the bottom of the 8th to make sure of things. Oh, and Vidro started at 1st base, no errors committed. Nationals won 6-1. Sunday Box Score

Washington Times: Nationals Bullpen: "More and more, that bullpen has shown signs it can do an effective job. . . . Over the past six games, the bullpen has allowed just four runs in 26 innings for a 1.38 ERA."

Washington Times: Nationals Mailbag: First question: predict the Nationals 2007 starting line-up. Zuckerman's answer? Position and line-up:
CF Nook Logan
2B Felipe Lopez
3B Ryan Zimmerman
1B Nick Johnson
RF Austin Kearns
LF Ryan Church
C Brian Schneider
SS Cristian Guzman

assumptions: Soriano gone, Logan wins over Escobar, Vidro traded, Guzman healthy, no major fielding signings.

Why Kory Casto not up? Many reasons, but the fact that Casto has settled in at LF, and the Nationals have that position covered . . . (and the fact that Casto will be playing in Fall ball).

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