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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Washington Wins! DC United Wins! Slump Over!: MLS Examination, Part III: Second game watched on TV

My seats weren't the best at RFK at my one and only time at RFK to watch the United team, but I now realize, after seeing my second United game on TV, that the seats were great compared to what is available on the tv. At times, it looked like I was watching ants kick something small and white on the tv screen. Really makes me appreciate attending an MLS game live and in person. So, apparently, the MLS is slowly approaching the position of being one of the few sports that I prefer watching live (sports in this category: baseball, hockey, auto racing (as in Indy 500)).

Tonight's game (or today's as the game occured on the West coast), was very exciting. A 2-1 victory by DC United, that featured great play by Christian Gomez, and the introduction, at least in a regular season game, of Matias Donnett. I'm a beginning fan, and not yet comfortable with examining the game in something like a recap, so I'll just say: United scored first in the 3rd minute, as Gomez kicked a free kick into the net on minute 2:39. Oh, and first foul at minute 1:56 by Kjestan of Chivas. Minute 17:21: Yellow Card issued to Bobby Boswell. Minute 22:16: Yellow Card issued to Alecko Eskandarian. 29:21: Gomez receives Yellow Card for dissent (dissent?). 31:07 Goal scored by Chivas during penalty kick, scored by Claudio Suarez. Immediately thereafter Gomez ran down the field with the ball and scored in minute 32:39, Gomez's second goal of the match. HALF: Matias Donnett enters game. More Yellow Cards issued, and two red cards issued (Chivas Juan Francisco Palencia (Abusive Language) & United's Joshua Gros (Abusive Language)). No more goals scored, game over after 6:09 of stoppage play.

As I said, not yet ready to recap MLS games. Mostly in imputing my thoughts and opinions.

5 game slump ended.
Box Score.

Next Game: 8:30 @ Chicago - 9/06/06 - US Open Cup
Next Regular Game: 7:30 @ RFK - Real Salt Lake (9-12-5) - 9/9/06.

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