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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Washington Wins! Washington Nationals Win Fifth game in a row!

Ortiz adds another win to his total, moving to 10-12 after pitching 8.2 innings, and coming within 2 hits of first Nationals no-hitter. Ortiz ended up giving up 1 run off of 2 hits (home-run) and 3 walks, striking out 5 in 95 pitches (62 strikes). Cordero finished the game and got the last out. Ortiz also went 2 for 3 at the plate, including his first major-league home-run in the 8th inning (after which he promptly turned around and gave up a home-run in the top of the ninth).

Everyone except Schneider got a hit in the game, and only Ortiz had a multi-hit game for the Nationals. Castro’s hit was his 1st double of the year, as was Logan’s hit. Soriano (36), Zimmerman (40), and Johnson (41) also hit doubles, while Kearns (22) and Ortiz (1), as mentioned, hit home-runs. Lopez stole his 34th base.

Box score

I’ve mentioned Nook Logan before, but didn’t realize that he was actually acquired from Detroit for either cash or a player to be named. 2005 was Logan’s first full-time season: .258 batting average, 17 RBI, 23 SB, and “Logan's speed allowed him to rank second among AL leaders in outfield putouts per 9.0 innings (2.9), infield hits (sixth with 27), stolen base percentage (eighth at 79%) and stolen bases (tied for ninth with 23).” If I’m reading the press release correctly, Logan was “named the third-fastest runner in the American League in a Baseball America survey of league managers” in 2005.

Logan press release

And I had mentioned the call-ups before, but didn’t actually mention all five or link to the press release. On 9/2/06, the Nationals called up infielder Melvin Dorta (age: 24), outfielder George Lombard (30), RHP Chris Booker (29), Brett Campbell (24), & Beltran Perez (24). All but Perez come up from the New Orleans squad, and Perez is from AA Harrisburg. Dorta was hitting .433 in New Orleans (8 games). Lombard hit .302 with 10 doubles and 10 home-runs, 24 RBIs, and 19 SB. Booker pitched with three minor-league teams this season, combined record of 2-2, 4.29. Campbell also pitched with three different minor-league teams, and has a combined record of 3-5, 16 saves, 3.12 ERA. Perez has pitched both in the starting rotation and out of the bullpen. He has a record of 8-6, 1 save, and an ERA of 3.11.
Press Release

Tonight (if it isn’t rained out):
RHP Pedro Astacio leads the team towards their possible 6th straight win with his record of 3-4, 6.12 ERA. RHP Jeff Suppan, 10-7, 4.61, will start for the Cardinals and try to stop the Nationals streak.

A Look Ahead:
Wednesday: Cardinals RHP Chris Carpenter (13-6, 2.87) vs. LHP Billy Traber (3-3, 7.36) (home)
Thursday: Rockies RHP Aaron Cook (9-13, 4.15) vs. Jason Bergmann (0-1, 6.24) plus start of regular season of NFL (away)
Friday: Rockies RHP Byung-Hyun Kim (8-10, 5.35) vs. RHP Tony Armas (8-10, 5.23) - watch this game, some want to add Kim to our rotation. (Away).
Saturday: Rockies RHP Josh Fogg (9-9, 5.36) vs. RHP Ramon Ortiz (10-12) (away).

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