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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Washington Wins! Washington Nationals Win 7-6 over Diamondbacks!

Redskins, of course, lost, and Nationals won. The Nationals came back again last night, having suffered the horror of being behind 4-2 by as long into the game as the top of the seventh (before the start of that inning), but the Nationals picked up 4 runs in the 7th and pulled to a 6-4 lead. The Nationals relievers, of course, in the form of Rauch, promptly gave up 2 more runs to the Diamondbacks, making it a tie game. Somehow or another the Nationals picked up another run in the top of the 9th and Cordero kept the Diamondbacks from countering with a run of their own in the bottom of the 9th, so the Nationals won the game. Of course two games ago (as in the game before last nights game) the team lost their 82 game, so even if by some werid set of circumstances the team were to win every single game from here on out, they will still finish below .500 (though that would be a great story, not the below .500 finish, but the 19 game win streak to finish the season).

Ok, now I see. Traber lasted just 3 innings (and 3 4th inning batters, no outs recorded that inning for him), giving up two home-runs in the 2nd inning, and another home-run in the 4th inning to give the Diamondbacks a 3-0 lead. Then in the 4th (or also in the 4th), the Nationals finally responded. Kearns lead off with a single, Vidro doubled, Kearns scored. Vidro moves to third base when Schneider grounded out. Logan then singled home Vidro. Score now 3-2. Then Traber gave up his last run of the game, his fourth, when he gave up a single to Snyder that allowed Jackson to score (no, not Damian Jackson). Score 4-2 after 5, and 6 innings played.

7th inning: Castro pinch hits to lead off game (for Wagner), gets a single, then steals second base. Soriano walks. Pitcher changed. Lopez sacrifices, Castro to third, Soriano to second. Zimmerman walks. Bases loaded 1 out. Johnson singles, Castro and Sorinao score (now 4-4), Zimmerman to 2B (and Johnson on 1B). 1 out, 2 runners on. Kearns walks. Bases loaded 1 out. Vidro singles, Zimmerman and Johnson score (6-4, Nationals), Kearns to second base. Schneider then hit into a double play to end the inning.

8th inning: Rauch pitching (also pitched 7th inning): 2 run home-run given up to Easley. Score now tied 6-6.

9th inning: Lopez singles to lead off inning. Zimmerman singles. Wild pitch, runners advance. Johsnon out - swinging. Kearns IBB. Bases loaded, 1 out. Vidro walked, Lopez comes home, and Schneider then hits into another double play to end another inning. Score 7-6 Nationals.

Cordero picks up 25th save for his work in the 9th inning.

Box Score

Tonight: Bergmann vs. Batista (10-6, 4.44)

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