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Monday, October 02, 2006


Frank Robinson's last game as the Nationals manager

My Videos from the Game:
Robinson's talk with the RFK crowd, Part 1 (Youtube version)
Yahoo Video version (not sure why I can never get videos to work on the blog, no matter, here's a link to the Yahoo Video page that has my video in three parts)

Robinson's talk with the RFK crowd, Part 2 (Youtube version)
Yahoo version:

Robinson's talk with the RFK crowd, Part 3.

Shots taken of that last game:
Robinson Celebration3 
Ortiz First Pitch2 - first pitch by Ortiz.
Perez pitches2 - Perez pitches in the first inning.
Franco scores1 - Franco scores.
Hernandez scores 2 - Hernandez Scores
Floyd scores - Floyd scores.
Robinson removes Ortiz - Ortiz removed.
Up-close view of Teddy - Teddy walks by.
Jefferson walks by - Jefferson walks by
Bradford pitch sequence 4.2

Fuzzy out of focus look at the new stadium - Fuzzy out of focus look at the new stadium
New Stadium1 - new stadium
New Stadium 2 - new stadium
Stadium - RFK

Washington Monument 2

Never fail with great president pictures. Thanks for the links
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Glad you I succeeded with the Pres pics, and links.
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