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Monday, April 02, 2007


First Game Underway: Nationals Losing

John Patterson vs. Dontrelle Willis

Florida up in second inning. Scored 1 run in top of first to lead off game (After 1.2 innings, Patterson has an ERA of 16.20 according to the GameDay log).

Line-Up: Nationals:
Lopez, Felipe 2B
Gusman, SS
Zimmerman, 3B
Kearns, RF
Young, 1B
Schneider, C
Church, LF
Logan, CF
Patterson, P

So far: Zimmeran got his first hit of 2007 in his first at-bat with 2 out, and Kearns immediately got his 1st LOB when he got the third out of the inning.

Giving up 2 more runs in the Second, Patterson's ERA drops to 13.50. Nationals now up in the Second, with Young leading off with a ground out. Schneider up for his first time in 2007. 2 strikes 2 balls. 5th pitch, in play, Out (Ground out). Church up for first time. Called strike. Ball, low, outside corner. Another called strike. . . . Now full count. another foul. 8 pitches so far thrown to Church. Another ball - Church walks with 2 out. Logan up for first time in 2007. Ball, in the dirt, can't really tell with GameDay. 3rd pitch - IN PLAY, NO OUT - ground ball to center - Church to 2B, Logan to 1B. Pitcher Patterson up. 2 strikes. Swinging strike - inning over.

. . . .

Game continues, I return to watching . . . and not "talking" . . .

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